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3 Business Under 1 Roof

Updated: Feb 4

In a groundbreaking collaboration, RMA Sports Injury Clinic, Vectis Academy, and Ceyreste Performance have joined forces to create the Isle of Wight's first-of-its-kind Sports Performance Centre. This revolutionary initiative aims to provide local athletes with an unparalleled support package, incorporating cutting-edge technology, physiological and biomechanical testing, and elite-level sports analysis, usually reserved for the world's top sports clubs.

The collaborative effort of RMA Sports Injury Clinic, Vectis Academy, and Ceyreste Performance signifies a visionary step towards elevating the athletic landscape on the Isle of Wight. By combining their expertise, these three entities are set to create a hub for athletes, fostering development, preventing injuries, and optimizing performance through comprehensive support.

Expressing the ethos behind the initiative, Jake Brougham stated, "It’s not just about performing to the highest of your ability, it’s also the process of development, learning about your body, knowing how to train smart, maintaining good and optimal health, preventing injury, and building that base that will be the key to achieving and succeeding."

As RMA Sports Injury Clinic celebrates its 10-year anniversary, the establishment of the Sports Performance Centre marks a double celebration for the clinic. Over the past decade, RMA has been a cornerstone in providing high-quality sports injury treatments, and this collaboration takes their commitment to athlete well-being to new heights.

The Sports Performance Centre will offer a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance every aspect of an athlete's performance journey. These include Athlete & Performance Consultations, Physiological Testing, Sports Nutrition, Strength Testing, Strength & Conditioning, Movement Analysis, Kinetic Run Profiling & Analysis, Running Technique Sessions, Sports Blood Testing, Resting Metabolic Testing, Bike Fitting, Aerodynamics, Sports Team Services & Analysis, and Educational Clinics & Services.

With the integration of cutting-edge technologies and a holistic approach to athlete development, the Sports Performance Centre aims to be a catalyst for taking Isle of Wight athletes to the next level. The provision of services typically only found in elite sports clubs ensures that local talents have access to world-class support, creating an environment conducive to realizing their full potential.

Connect with Sports Performance Centre:

To explore the services offered by the Sports Performance Centre and stay updated on their endeavors, interested individuals can follow them on Instagram @sportsperformancecentreiow or Facebook @sportsperformancecentre. This digital presence ensures that athletes and enthusiasts alike can stay connected with the latest developments in the realm of sports performance on the Isle of Wight.

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