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Award Winning Author

Updated: Feb 4

Alan David Pritchard is a multi-award-winning novelist, playwright, poet, screenplay writer, and creator of poetry videos/films.

In the realm of literature, there are those whose words have the power to transport readers into unexplored realms of emotion and imagination. Alan David Pritchard, a distinguished novelist, playwright, poet, screenplay writer, and creator of poetry videos/films, stands as a testament to this creative prowess. His latest novel, 'The Pebble Champion,' has not only captivated hearts but has also garnered a multitude of awards, solidifying Pritchard's status as a literary virtuoso.

'The Pebble Champion' has emerged as a shining star in the literary firmament, receiving accolades from prestigious film and writers' festivals. The novel clinched the WINNER title of the Best Book Award at the Miracle Makers International Film and Writers' Festival in Las Vegas, 2021, showcasing its global appeal and storytelling brilliance.

Adding to its acclaim, the novel secured the WINNER position of the SILVER AWARD in the Novel Writing Category at the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival, Delaware, USA, in February 2022. Its success resonated further with an HONORABLE MENTION at the WriteMovies Spring 2021 Screenwriting Contest in Beverly Hills, USA, underscoring the versatility of Pritchard's narrative skills.

The journey of recognition continued as 'The Pebble Champion' became an OFFICIAL NOMINEE at the 2021 Action on Film Megafest International Film Festival and Writers' Competition in Las Vegas, positioning itself among the best in global literary and cinematic storytelling.

inalist Awards and International Recognition:

The novel's triumphs extended to the United Kingdom, where it was selected as a FINALIST at the 2021 Page Turner Best Book Awards Competition, a testament to its impact on readers and critics alike. Across the Atlantic, 'The Pebble Champion' was bestowed with the FINALIST AWARD (Outstanding LGBTQ Novel Category) at the Independent Author Network Best Book of the Year Awards, USA, in 2021, further solidifying its place in the literary canon.

The journey of acclaim didn't begin there; it secured the FINALIST AWARD (LGBTQ Best Book) at the Reader's Favorite Book Awards in Miami, USA, in 2019, signaling early on the profound impact this novel would have on its readers.

A Glimpse into 'The Pebble Champion':

This beautifully written and deeply emotional novel stands as a literary masterpiece that skillfully transports readers into the imagination of a gay teen struggling to cope with the profound loss of a parent. Alan David Pritchard's narrative prowess delves into the intricacies of grief, resilience, and self-discovery, offering a powerful and poignant look at the human spirit's capacity to overcome adversity.

How to Dive into the Pages:

For those eager to experience the profound narrative of 'The Pebble Champion,' you can explore the book on Alan David Pritchard's official website: There, you will find more information on where and how to immerse yourself in this compelling story.


Alan David Pritchard's accolades and the success of 'The Pebble Champion' underscore the profound impact literature can have on our hearts and minds. As a multi-award-winning creative force, Pritchard continues to enchant audiences with his literary magic, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape. 'The Pebble Champion' is not just a novel; it is a journey, an exploration, and a testament to the transformative power of storytelling.

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