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Flooding hero's

Updated: Feb 4

December and January brought unprecedented challenges to the Isle of Wight as severe flooding wreaked havoc, causing significant damage to homes and leaving countless residents in distress. In the midst of the crisis, Sam and his dedicated team emerged as unsung heroes, responding to the call for assistance and bringing hope to those affected by the deluge.

The scale of the flooding crisis left many homes submerged and residents grappling with the aftermath. Witnessing the devastation firsthand, Sam felt compelled to take action. With a sense of urgency and a heart for his community, he assembled a team to address the widespread issues plaguing the Isle of Wight.

What started as a few individuals attempting to unblock drains quickly evolved into a full-fledged response team. Sam recalls, "It originally started as a few of us jumping in the cars and going along the bottom of Ryde trying to unblock drains." Realizing the extent of the need, Sam posted an offer of help on social media, and within moments, the response was overwhelming.

In a display of unwavering commitment, Sam and his team worked tirelessly for a week, with little rest and sleep. "We spent a solid week sleeping less than 2-3 hours every couple of days, mostly in the car, trying to respond to over 1200 calls for help," Sam recounts. The team faced the harsh winter conditions, determined to make a difference in the lives of those affected.

Despite lacking professional equipment, Sam and his team harnessed the power of community spirit. Through collaborations with local businesses and a strong collective effort, they managed to respond to 920 calls in just seven days, an incredible feat for an 11-man team. Their dedication and resilience in the face of adversity demonstrated the strength of community bonds.

Fishing Enthusiast Turned Hero:

No stranger to the outdoors, Sam, a keen fisherman accustomed to the cold and wet, embraced the challenge with a spirit that refused to be defeated. Known for sporting t-shirts and shorts year-round, Sam's tenacity and can-do attitude became a source of inspiration for those around him.

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