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Islands Only Roast House

In the heart of the Isle of Wight lies a culinary gem that has captured the essence of traditional comfort food like no other. The Hungry Bear, established in 2017, proudly stands as the island's only independent Roast House. With a heartfelt commitment to the art of roasting, this family-run restaurant has become a beacon for those seeking a warm and hearty dining experience.

At The Hungry Bear, roasting is not just a culinary technique; it's a labor of love that infuses every dish with soulful flavors. The passion for roasting is at the core of everything they do, from sourcing the finest local ingredients to crafting mouthwatering dishes that pay homage to the rich tradition of roast cuisine.

As a family-run establishment, The Hungry Bear embraces the values of togetherness, warmth, and a shared love for good food. The restaurant's commitment to preserving family traditions is evident in each roast served. However, The Hungry Bear is not bound by tradition alone; they seamlessly blend culinary innovation with time-honored techniques, creating a menu that appeals to both the nostalgic and the adventurous diner.

The Hungry Bear prides itself on being Isle of Wight's go-to destination for roast enthusiasts. Roast isn't just a dish; it's a culinary journey that begins with carefully selecting the finest cuts of meat and locally sourced vegetables. The menu, thoughtfully curated, offers an array of roast options, each telling a story of culinary excellence and dedication to quality.

While The Hungry Bear celebrates the local flavors of the Isle of Wight, it draws inspiration from global culinary traditions to create a diverse and exciting menu. Whether you're craving a classic Sunday roast with all the trimmings or an innovative twist on a traditional dish, The Hungry Bear's menu promises to delight and satisfy.

Beyond the exceptional roasts, The Hungry Bear is renowned for its warm and inviting ambiance. From the moment you step through the door, you're welcomed into a space where the aroma of roasting fills the air, and the friendly staff treat you like an extension of the family. The restaurant's commitment to hospitality transforms each visit into a memorable dining experience.

The Hungry Bear understands the importance of responsible sourcing and sustainability. They work closely with local farmers and producers to ensure that their commitment to quality extends to the origin of every ingredient. From farm to table, The Hungry Bear is dedicated to reducing its ecological footprint while delivering exceptional flavors.

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