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In the picturesque village of Niton on the Isle of Wight, Scarlett and her business partner, Sara, have embarked on a creative journey that goes beyond the wheel and clay. Together, they run a flourishing pottery business, offering classes to both adults and children. Their venture, anchored in the Tregear Pottery Studios, has not only become a haven for art enthusiasts but has also fostered meaningful partnerships with local institutions such as schools and the animal sanctuary in Sandown.

Scarlett and Sara, both mothers in their forties, found their calling in the world of pottery. Their shared passion for crafting with clay led them to establish their own business in February of the previous year (2023). Boasting a combined experience of about 15 years in the pottery industry, both Scarlett and Sara honed their craft working with Neil Tregear, a renowned name in the pottery community.

Located in Niton, the Tregear Pottery Studios serve as the creative hub for Scarlett and Sara's pottery business. It is not just a space for crafting; it is a realm where imagination takes shape, and artistry meets education. Here, they conduct classes for both adults and children, sharing the joy of molding clay into unique and personalized creations.

Beyond the studio walls, Scarlett and Sara have extended the reach of their pottery expertise to local schools and the animal sanctuary in Sandown. Their collaborative efforts with the animal sanctuary reflect a unique intersection of creativity and compassion, offering a therapeutic outlet for both the creators and the creatures.

For Scarlett and Sara, this venture marks their first foray into business ownership, and the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. The key to their success lies not just in their artistic talents but also in the exceptional teamwork they bring to the table. Their shared dedication to the craft and the collaborative spirit they foster have been integral to the growth and success of their pottery venture.

As first-time business owners, Scarlett and Sara are savoring every moment of their entrepreneurial journey. Their love for pottery, coupled with a strong work ethic, has fueled the growth of their business. The joy they derive from sharing their passion with others, be it in the studio or through collaborations with local organizations, is evident in the flourishing success of Tregear Pottery Studios.

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