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Nunwell Home Farm

Updated: Feb 4

Meet Francesca Cooper and Hollie Fallick, the dynamic duo behind Nunwell Home Farm, an inspiring venture situated at Nunwell Estate on the Isle of Wight. United by a shared passion for ecological practices, animal welfare, and social justice, Francesca and Hollie are not only young farmers but also dedicated mothers with a collective brood of five children under the age of eight. Their journey into farming has been fueled by a lifelong love for the land, a commitment to sustainability, and a desire to provide nutrient-dense, locally sourced food to their community.

Nunwell Estate, a historic piece of land below Brading Down, serves as the canvas for their farming aspirations. Collaborating with landowner Rob Oglander, Francesca and Hollie manage 125 acres of the estate through a share farming framework. At Nunwell Home Farm, their livestock enterprises include Belted Galloway cattle for beef, native breed pigs for pork, and purebred hens for eggs.

The heart of Nunwell Home Farm beats with a commitment to regenerative agriculture, an approach that aims to improve and enhance the land's health rather than merely sustaining it. Their holistic and regenerative farming methods are aligned with the principles of nature-friendly farming – avoiding soil disturbance, maintaining soil cover, nurturing living roots, and growing diverse crops. The farm operates with the goal of being carbon neutral, creating biodiverse habitats, and ensuring high welfare for their animals.

In addition to their farming activities, Francesca and Hollie are eager educators. The duo plans to conduct educational events for local schools, open farm Sunday tours, and 'farm fit' events. Nunwell Home Farm also collaborates with organizations like the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, contributing to rewilding initiatives on 1/3 of the Nunwell Estate.

Regenerative Meat and Egg Production:

Nunwell Home Farm takes pride in its 100% grass-fed beef, soya-free pastured pork, and pasture-raised eggs. Their rotational grazing practices ensure grass regeneration, longer root growth, and increased carbon capture in the soil. The farm offers a variety of selection packs, including sausages, burgers, and steaks. Customers can even opt for subscription boxes, delivered locally every Friday morning within specified areas and monthly across the entire Isle of Wight.

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