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Paul Raimon Massey The Men's Coach

From Peckham Streets to Empowering Minds: The Paul Raimon Massey Story

Paul Raimon Massey is a multi faceted entrepreneur whose journey is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Born in 1987 in Camberwell Hospital, Peckham, Paul’s early life was a battle against the odds. 

Being premature he came fighting his way into the world.

Peckham, then a tough neighbourhood marked by crime and poverty presented daily challenges and at this time the area was classed as a ghetto.

“It was a survival game. Carrying a knife was not about violence; it was about protection, I wasn’t a bad person and I never intended to use it.

I joined a gang to protect myself and loved ones, the ones who weren’t in gangs were the ones getting bullied and their houses broken into.

However that’s only part of the story, the real struggle was at home. 

Never meeting his real father after he got punched in the face as a 6 month old baby whilst in his cot.

He was raised by an abusive stepfather, Paul’s mental health was significantly impacted, a battle he would confront later on in his life.

At just 15 years and 9 months, Paul made a life-altering decision: he joined the British army. “It was more than an escape; it was a pursuit of something better, something meaningful,”

He served for six years, with postings in Germany and Cyprus and deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Life after the army brought Paul to the Isle of Wight, where he met his now wife. 

Together, they climbed the hospitality ladder, eventually owning a fine dining restaurant, acclaimed as the best on the island for three consecutive years winning multiple awards, featuring in the Michelin guide and representing the south east region with his signature dish at Fine Nammet Shanklin and voted number 1 fine dining restaurant by lux magazine.

Paul, a self-taught chef, credits Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube videos as part of his culinary education, a testament to his determination.

“You can teach yourself anything these days with that device in your hand and I’ve proved it”

Amidst his success, Paul grappled with a severe PTSD diagnosis, stemming from his childhood trauma. 

This realisation led him back to his army roots, working as a mercenary protecting ships from Somali pirates going through the Horn of Africa.

It was during this period that Paul embarked on a transformative journey of self-improvement through meditation, physical fitness, and extensive reading, reading over 100 self help books within a year.

“I became the captain of my own ship”

“I realised that it was how I was talking to myself, the first time I listen to positive affirmations, 100kg muscle bound I cried my eyes out, I realised I have never had so many positive thoughts in my mind.”

Paul’s personal breakthrough ignited a passion for helping others. 

“I knew straight away my purpose was to be of service to others who have been through similar struggles to myself.”

“See us men we are told to be strong and stoic all the time not show emotions, but it’s killing us, the biggest killer of men under 40 is suicide! We do all the dangerous jobs in society, and we are killing ourselves!”

“I embrace being vulnerable, sharing my story to lead by example and invite men to come forward, because talking really does help.”

He launched an online coaching business focusing on mental health, confidence, and mindset for men in 2023 and it’s been a huge success.

“My mission is to help men elevate their mindset, drop mental deadweight, and gain bulletproof confidence in 90 days or less with his mindset mastery formula built by overcoming his own struggles.

His clientele includes notable names like professional boxer Shakan Pitters, comedian David Lucas and Celebrity Sandro farmhouse.

For those struggling, Paul offers this advice: 

“Change is possible. Your thoughts shape your reality.” 

He recommends simple daily practices: meditation, journaling, exercise, gratitude, healthy eating, positive affirmations, and good sleep are the best places to start.

Buddha says “everyday is a new day and what we do today is what matters most” 

Take one day at a time, and be the very best version of yourself that you can be today.

Depression is your mind worrying about the past that no longer exists.

Anxiety is your mind worrying about and fantasy in the future.

The present moment is the gift of life.

Today, Paul is a multi faceted entrepreneur who continues to manage a successful hotel empire, multiple side business all whilst his new coaching business thrives. 

All Islanders receive a special discount of his coaching services as part of his commitment to the local community.

All you have to do is follow him on socials. 

Find Paul Raimon Massey on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, and TikTok @paulraimonmassey. 

“If you’re struggling, reach out. I’m here to help,”


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