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Seaside Cafe Celebrating 40 Years

Updated: Feb 4

As the sun sets on Sandown Pier, there's a place that has been a beloved fixture for four decades, serving up not just hot donuts but a slice of nostalgia. The Sandown Pier Cafe, celebrating its 40th year in business, is not just a seaside spot; it's a testament to family, tradition, and the enduring joy of a perfectly crafted donut. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy, the granddaughter of the cafe's founder, to delve into the rich history and exciting future plans for this iconic establishment.

Amy's grandad, Dave, embarked on the journey of Sandown Pier Cafe back in 1984, originally known as the Sandown Pier Snack Bar. This venture came after years of running a corner shop and cafe on the Broadway in Sandown. The cafe, initially operated by Dave and Amy's mother, became a cherished spot for locals and tourists alike. Although Dave retired around 25 years ago due to family illness, the legacy lives on, with the cafe retaining the same fresh hot donut recipe that captured hearts on its opening day.

While the years have rolled on, the essence of the cafe has remained timeless. Many patrons, both locals and tourists, make it a summer tradition to visit the Sandown Pier Cafe. The inviting aroma of hot donuts mingles with the sounds of rock and roll from the 50s and 60s, creating an atmosphere that has become the cafe's trademark. The music sets the scene, transporting visitors to an era of classic tunes and carefree moments on the pier.

A Rock and Roll Tradition:

Amy fondly shares that the rock and roll music playing in the cafe isn't just background noise; it's a cherished tradition. The nostalgic beats have become synonymous with the Sandown Pier Cafe experience, creating an atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more than just the delectable donuts.

With 40 years of memories etched into the cafe's walls, the Sandown Pier Cafe is gearing up for a summer celebration to honor this milestone. During the festivities, the cafe plans to show appreciation to its loyal customers by offering vouchers for free or discounted donuts. The cafe's seating area proudly displays a photo of the late grandad Dave, a fitting tribute to the man who set the wheels in motion for this cherished family establishment.

As the cafe looks to the future, the dream is to keep the legacy alive within the family. Amy expresses the desire to maintain the Sandown Pier Cafe as a family-run business for as long as possible. The cafe has not only been a source of livelihood but a place where lasting friendships have been forged, from dedicated employees to loyal customers who have become part of the extended family.

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Apr 08

Great Cafe I am Dave's cousen in australia

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