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Solent Grange Nursing

Leah Wherry Of Solent Grange Nursing Offered up her time to give us a insight on the amazing work solent grange do, Leah Wherry is the Lifestyles Lead at Solent Grange Nursing Home, where she joined the Future Care Group’s team in February 2022.

After lockdown, spending extra time with the residents was an eye-opener for her as I got to know the residents better. When the opportunity arose to be part of the activities team at Solent Grange, she was thrilled to take the job. Her focus now is entirely on the residents, making their days amazing, putting a smile on their faces, and hearing their life stories.

Leah makes it her mission to make their days as fulfilling as possible and organise outings so they can get out and about. Her goal is to make a difference in their lives, be supportive, and promote self-esteem. Leah ensured that residents always have a choice and that they have the necessary support to nurture their current and future interests.

solent activity and social programmes are designed to reflect the passions and interests of their residents. These programmes include physical activities, cognitive stimulation, creative pursuits, social events, and occasional trips and excursions – all aimed at enriching their lives and making each day meaningful. We are also part of GSF, the leading training provider for generalist frontline staff in end-of-life care in the UK. GSF has helped millions of people receive better care, allowing them to live well until they die. In our activities programme, we work with residents to find out their wishes and try to make them come true.

The team at Solent Grange has a collaborative approach when it comes to resident activities. During events, everyone gets involved to provide the best possible outcome for our residents. We organise fundraisers and cake sales to raise money for our residents' fund. Many of our residents love to go out for a drive to look at the scenery along Military Road and go to the Isle of Wight Pearl for a cup of tea or down to Sandown or Ryde.

Our most significant achievement was the Christmas fete we organised in December 2023. The local town councillor, Sarah Redrup, visited, and we had a guess-the-weight-of-the-Christmas-cake stall, cake sale, perfume stall, silent auction, raffle, Santa, and a pony outside for everyone to enjoy. It took a lot of work inside and outside of work, and social media was a great help. We raised £1030 towards our residents' fund, which will be put towards a minibus.

When I started in February 2022, the residents' fund was at £0. In just under two years, we now raised over £3695! Dreams can come true when you work hard enough.

I have an excellent manager, Alison Gray, who supports our activities and the events we organise for our residents. The home has come a long way since Alison took over as manager in June 2021, and you can see the changes and the reputation the home now has, especially as we have a 9.8 rating on

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