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Spotlight on Apprentice

Southern Water's National Apprenticeship Week feature shines a light on the promising journey of 19-year-old Chantelle Scott Jackson, a Multi-skilled Technician Apprentice making waves in the field.

Embarking on her apprenticeship with Southern Water in December of the previous year, Chantelle, a resident of Bembridge, unfolds her daily pilgrimage to the Southampton Engineering Training Association (SETA). Here, she delves into the realms of mechanical and electrical engineering, carving out her path as an apprentice with ambition.

In an exclusive interview about her apprenticeship, Chantelle shares, “The intricate world of mechanics has always fascinated me. With my father as an engineer and a formidable role model, I found my calling. After exploring avenues in sports and childcare and realizing they weren't my true passion, I stumbled upon the Southern Water technician apprentice opportunity during a chat with their engineers on the ferry. It was a no-brainer for me to apply."

Opting for the earn-and-learn approach over the weight of university debt, Chantelle, armed with an existing English qualification, is currently pursuing her mathematics exam within the company. Her sights set on a level 3 qualification in maintenance and operations engineering upon the culmination of her apprenticeship.

Richard Griffiths, Southern Water's Early Careers Partner, underscores the company's commitment to providing a dynamic platform for apprentices. He remarks, "Our apprenticeship scheme at Southern Water opens doors to a thrilling industry. Offering a competitive salary and comprehensive training programs, our apprentices have the chance to cultivate new skills and shape rewarding careers. With approximately 70 apprentices joining our ranks annually, they contribute across four counties – Hampshire, Kent, East and West Sussex, and the Isle of Wight."

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