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The TATA Foundation

Updated: Feb 4

In the realm of medical tattooing, Gemma Bowers, the founder of Gems Ink and co-founder of The Areola Training Academy and The Tata Foundation, is making a profound impact on the lives of women battling breast cancer. With over 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry and 8 years specializing in permanent makeup, Gemma has become an award-winning medical tattoo artist, dedicated to providing a heartwarming service for breast cancer survivors.

Gemma's journey in the beauty industry has evolved into a profound commitment to medical tattooing. Her passion for this transformative art led her to co-found The Areola Training Academy and The Tata Foundation, an initiative that offers a unique service free of charge for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

The Tata Foundation:

The Tata Foundation, established by Gemma, is more than just a charity; it's a beacon of hope for breast cancer survivors. The foundation accepts donations, allowing people to contribute to a cause that directly impacts the lives of those affected. To further extend the reach of this heartwarming service, Gemma has trained six artists around the UK, with aspirations to make this initiative global.

Free Areola Tattooing for Survivors:

Gemma's work goes beyond the realm of conventional beauty. As a multi award-winning medical tattoo artist, she provides free areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors. The Tata Foundation sponsors trained artists who, in turn, offer their services to survivors free of charge. This act of generosity and compassion ensures that survivors can reclaim a sense of normalcy without the financial burden of paying for such a crucial part of their recovery.

Global Outreach and Fundraising:

Gemma's vision extends far beyond the UK, as she currently teaches in the UK, Ireland, and America. The six artists trained by Gemma annually host fundraisers, with the proceeds going towards funding their work. This unique model ensures that survivors receive the necessary medical tattooing without any financial constraints. Importantly, Gemma emphasizes the option for survivors to "pay it forward" if they wish, contributing to the Tata Foundation's mission to empower more women worldwide.

Beyond Breast Cancer: Other Medical Tattooing Services:

While Gemma's primary focus is on breast cancer survivors, her expertise in medical tattooing extends to various other areas. She offers services such as cleft lip correction, addressing the needs of alopecia clients, and providing scalp micro pigmentation. Gemma's dedication to enhancing lives through medical tattooing knows no bounds.

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