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To Be In Her Shoes The Fight Against Domestic Violence

Updated: Feb 4

In the tranquil landscape of the Isle of Wight, Peter's journey from running a tire business to becoming a fierce advocate against domestic abuse is nothing short of inspiring. Having moved to the island seven years ago, Peter's tire shop quickly became more than just a business venture; it became a hub for community service. However, it's his remarkable charity work that truly sets him apart, addressing an issue close to his heart and making a significant impact on the Isle of Wight.

Peter, with 25 years of experience running a tire business in Kent, decided to set up a small tire shop on a friend's farm when he moved to the Isle of Wight. Little did he know that this move would not only serve the local community in tire services but also pave the way for his extraordinary journey in charity work.

Domestic Abuse Advocacy:

Peter's foray into charity work started two years ago when he decided to channel his efforts towards addressing domestic abuse. The cause was particularly close to his heart due to the experiences his wife had endured in her first marriage. Inspired by the American initiative "To Be In Her Shoes," where individuals would walk a mile in red stiletto heels to raise awareness for domestic abuse, Peter set out to make a difference on the Isle of Wight.

Peter encountered challenges as UK participants seemed hesitant to join the cause, perhaps due to societal perceptions. Undeterred, he decided to raise the bar, embracing unconventional and often daring stunts to draw attention to the cause. One of his most audacious feats involved completing a 26.2-mile marathon walk around Ryde wearing 4-inch stiletto heels. Despite the physical toll, the walk served its purpose, breaking barriers and raising substantial awareness for domestic abuse.

£22,000 and Counting:

In just two years, Peter and his dedicated team of followers have managed to raise an impressive £22,000 for the cause. Yet, for Peter, this is just the beginning. The fight against domestic abuse on the Isle of Wight remains a priority, and Peter is committed to providing a voice for victims and survivors in island communities where domestic abuse rates are alarmingly high compared to the mainland.

Peter's tireless efforts extend beyond fundraising; they resonate as a beacon of hope and support for those affected by domestic abuse on the Isle of Wight. By sharing his own journey and breaking stereotypes, Peter is not only making strides against domestic abuse but also encouraging others to join the cause and create a community that stands against this pervasive issue.

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