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Yet Another Award

Isle of Wight sensation, Wet Leg, continues to bask in the glory of global recognition as they clinch yet another prestigious Grammy Award in Los Angeles. This time, the accolade is bestowed upon them in the category of 'Best Remixed Recording,' a testament to their versatile musical prowess.

The Grammy-winning track, 'Wagging Tongue (Wet Leg Remix),' originally a creation of the iconic Depeche Mode, earned the indie band well-deserved acclaim during the Sunday evening ceremony. The entire Wet Leg ensemble, comprising the talents of Joshua Omead Mobaraki, Hester Chambers, Rhian Teasdale, Henry Holmes, and Ellis Durand, graced the awards ceremony in Los Angeles to accept this latest honor.

In a captivating live performance on the grand stage, Wet Leg captivated the audience not only with their musical brilliance but also by collaborating with a female maverick Morris dancing act. The synergy between their indie sound and the traditional art form added a unique and visually stunning dimension to their Grammy-winning moment.

This latest Grammy triumph adds to Wet Leg's already impressive collection, having secured Grammy Awards in the previous year for 'Best Alternative Album' and 'Best Alternative Music Performance.' Their exceptional talent and innovation also earned them top honors at the 2023 BRIT Awards, where they claimed victory in the coveted categories of 'Best New Artist' and 'Group of the Year.' It's worth noting that Wet Leg stood out as the sole female presence in traditionally male-dominated award categories, further solidifying their position as trailblazers in the music industry. The Isle of Wight can certainly take pride in being the birthplace of this phenomenal band that continues to make waves on the international stage.

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